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UCSF have saved 2 people’s lives at KARM with PSA! – Beth Roggeman

Words cannot express my appreciation!! -Beth Finamore-Neff

Early detection programs has played a big role – KARM

UCSF has shaped the human service foundational experience – Ms. Jacqueline G. McRae-Mitchell

We are so appreciative of Mercedes and all her staff and helpers. – Mayor Dale Perdue and Staff

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Testimonials and Community Feedback

Thanks so much for the care package. It means so much to know that someone cares in this time of uncertainty. Your gift has allowed for my family to have a movie day. Something to take our minds off all the downsidedes of this cancer journey


I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to cancer victims. I have stage 4 and it is not fun. Your support package reduces stress for sure. It leaves a great impact & smiles ear to ear. We have gone through our savings and can’t afford fun stuff, so I very much appreciate all that you do.

Amy O.

United Cancer Support Foundation has supported South College Medical Assisting students through learning more about detecting early cancer conditions.  UCSF has shaped the human service foundational experience of South College Medical Assisting students.

Ms. Jacqueline G. McRae-Mitchell

Assistant Professor, South College

Connecting with United Cancer Support Foundation and its early detection programs has played a big role in allowing our ladies to find out and prevent any type of cancer that may be found.

Knox Area Rescue Ministries/Serenity Shelter

United Cancer Support Foundation’s $5,000 investment and subsequent $202.00 contribution for a follow-up vaccine were the reasons nearly thirty individuals were able to play an active role in the battle against several types of cancer.

Remote Area Medical (RAM)

I just wanted to thank you so much on behalf of our patients.


We have a patient that you provided a support package to that called me and was almost in tears when he was explaining how grateful he was that he had gotten his care package.

  he had needed a fire tablet for so long to help time past during treatments but struggled to afford one. He said he now has his whole playlist set up and It really helps keep his mind off things.



Thank you again for all that you do!

Sheena Despert

Allegheny Health Network (AHN)

Wallace Mobile Healthcare’s partnership with UCSF has been remarkable.  UCSF’s commitment to educate and offer free screenings, along with resources for preventative testing for our patients at clinics has been invaluable.  Two of WMH patients came up with abnormal PSA results, without UCSF’s service of free PSA testing the outcome for these two patients could have been deadly.

Beth Roggerman

Wallace Mobile Healthcare (WHM)

I have witnessed the joy and appreciation cancer patients express from the Gifts of Comfort program.  The items have been a blessing to cancer patients that experience loneliness, physical discomfort and financial hardships from cancer treatment.  The gifts help occupy their minds and time from thinking about cancer.  Patients have stated the items are of great quality.  Upon receiving their selected items, patients feel genuine care and concern are shown to them.  Thanks for your kindness and generosity with the Gifts of Comfort program.  It is my prayer and hope that you all continue your good works in serving vulnerable people.

Kimberly Robinson

Patient Navigator, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Mammogram Fund

Good Evening,

We, here at the Mayor’s Office in Huntsville, TN, are so appreciative of Mercedes and all her staff and helpers that came here to our County. They brought items to help people who smoke, free breast screening, and several other cancer awareness activities. Ms. Mercedes is wonderful and perfect for what she does, she has a spirit about her that makes you feel better about yourself and she gives you hope, and before she leaves she would always say “if you need us for anything, let us know”. We are very THANKFUL to the LORD for sending her up our way, and knowing if we need her, all we have to do is call.

Thank You

Mayor Dale Perdue and Staff

Scott County

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