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Free Recliners for East Tennessee Cancer Patients

One of our support initiatives is Recliners for Recovery.

Recliners for Recovery

One of our support initiatives is Recliners for Recovery.  It is designed to support cancer patients with comfort during this challenging time. The recliner can help the patient relax, as well as provide improved blood circulation in the legs, alleviate back pain and problems with nausea sometimes caused by chemotherapy.

United Cancer Support Foundation is providing local cancer patients with a new recliner.  The procedure is simple.  Just fill out our Application, we will verify the information on the completed forms and contact you to schedule a pick up date and time when a chair is available.

The images below show just a few of the hundreds of recliners we have gifted to recipients in the cancer community.

NOTE:  The recliners are only available in the KNOXVILLE, TN area as they are for office pick up ONLY.  Please make sure to have two people with a truck or a van on the scheduled date.