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Survivor Stories

I was diagnosed September 9, 2016 with Triple Negative Breast Cancer as well as being BRCA 1 Positive.  Since my diagnosis I’ve had a bilateral mastecomy with reconstruction and 3 additional surgeries.  Completed 8 rounds of Chemotherapy (AT plusT), now radiaton for 5 1/2 weeks,  Breast Cancer has re-affirmed my faith in GOD, given me additional strength and believe it or not Boosted my self-esteem.  Cancer puts you in combact mode, teaches you to fight hard.  I am STRONG I am LOVED, I am HEALTHY, I WILL SURVIVE!

— Renee B.

I noticed I was having a lot of trouble holding my bladder in May 2017. I decided to go see my doctor at the VA. They found I had blood in my urine. I was then told that those things usually clear up on their own. But I persisted and I had a CT scan done in June 2017.  I was then told it was a “spot” on my left kidney. I was not scared because I had already made up my mind I wanted it removed. VA urologist then told me it was a tumor and an 85% chance it was cancerous. So that was enough information for me to remove it. After getting an outside the VA second opinion in August, I had a robotic partial nephrectomy done on Sept 12, 2017. The urologist (second one) called me on Sept 18th, said great news that all the tumor was removed. Then he said the tumor pathology report confirmed it was cancerous.  I am a real strong lady. I fought this cancer from the very beginning. The diagnosis actually greatly improved my life overall. I eat a lot better foods now. I drink a lot more water. I have taken up acupuncture and meditation. Trying to be a better person for me…

— Christine T.

My Name is Shontag and I am 42 years old and I’m a 2 year cancer survivor and I’ve been living a very healthy life. Currently I’m a student and enjoying life to the fullest and I’m glad to be alive and made it to 2018. Thank you.

— Shontag T.

I was diagnosed with low grade 1,2, follicular lymphoma. Found by CT scan. I was having severe low back pain and down to my knee, Different from other pain.My ct scanpicked up a small nodule next to my spine and several more,  because of location they couldn’t do surgery  , Another full body scan was done and there were more nodulars found my neck my stomach error. I had six months of chemotherapy from June12, 2017 to November 13,2017. Had a complete CT scan with the dye and drinking the flavored drink to check stomach. Went for my results before Thanksgiving.  Thankfully to God and Doc. Nurse’s.  I’m in remission.  I go back every 3 months for blood work and see oncology. Don’t know how long yet. Thank you for reading my story my friend.

— Brenda P.

My name is Consuella. I’m 43 years old. I’m married with 2 adult kids. I stay in Tupelo, MS. I’m a store manger in retail.I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer back in October 2017. It was a blow to the head at first. I went thru 6 months of chemo. I had bilateral mastectomy done just a week ago. Chemo was something i wouldn’t wish on anyone. It was very tough; but with prayer, faith, and a super support system, I came thru. We won!! That moment I was diagnosed I pulled out my sword and shield and was determine to fight and win.

— Consuella R.

The experience I went through as a child is what inspired me to become a nurse. When I was a little girl, I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. It was a miracle to know that they diagnosed me quickly enough for them to remove my tumor and treated it with chemo therapy. For six months of chemo and spending months in the hospital I experienced a significant amount of love and happiness from all the nurses that continued to check on me daily and monthly. They were always so nice and treated me like I was one of there own. It was always a great day even though I had so much appointments and tests to endure, they continued to put a smile on my face. With all the appointments and tests making sure I was getting better made me feel like the hospital was my second home. All I remember was them always drawing blood from me and having so much ultra sounds. As I got older, I thought to my self how loving and caring they were, and how they had helped me through the most difficult time in my life. They really had an impact on my life, not everyone has the best memories at times like that as I did. People get stressed and have horrible experiences, but dealing with an experience like that and having nurses and doctors like that made it stress free for me and my mother is what inspired me to pursue this career choice. Staying positive and having faith is the best thing!

— Tiffany G.

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