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How they conduct research


HeritX is collaborating with leading experts across science, medicine, and technology. Each HeritX-supported research and development program to prevent inherited BRCA cancer has been carefully selected after exploring and exchanging ideas with more than 200 research groups worldwide.

To ensure the best possible scientific strategies and decisions, HeritX brought together a Scientific Advisory Board, SAB, that not only includes world leaders in academic research but also in biopharmaceutical drug development. It is the expertise and close collaboration across both fields that is essential to turn research ideas into FDA-approved preventive therapies.

Each project assessed by HeritX is reviewed by the SAB and other independent experts from a dual perspective: its scientific merit as well as its promise for translating into an FDA-approved preventive therapy.

To foster collaboration and maximize the speed of progress to prevention, HeritX has created the International Coalition to Prevent Inherited Cancer, IC-PIC. Each member of the IC-PIC has brought forward a compelling idea how to prevent inherited BRCA cancer, is determined to prevent cancer, and is an internationally recognized expert.


HeritX is a global research and development (R&D) organization solely focused on preventing inherited cancer. Our mission is to find a preventive therapy for inherited cancer—and ultimately other cancers— using the BRCA gene mutation as the key.

HeritX is a patient-driven nonprofit organization that brings the voices of the people with inherited cancer into the early stages of the R&D process. Our methodology includes an accelerated R&D roadmap to prevention that fosters goal-focused collaboration among people with different areas of expertise and backgrounds.

This approach propels potential preventive therapies (a vaccine, a pill, etc.) more quickly to FDA approval, giving those at risk of these aggressive and deadly diseases the opportunity to live life cancer free.

We believe that preventing inherited cancer is within our reach, but we can’t do it without you. Join the fight and help make cancer prevention a reality today.


Over the past 30 years, advances in science and technologies have led to significant medical progress. Cancer research and resources, however, have been overwhelmingly focused on treating cancer after it occurs rather than preventing it.

Treatment after the fact can’t spare patients the traumatic experience of cancer and is often toxic and invasive. It also cannot impact the steady rise in new cancer patients or the related cost explosion in cancer care.

Prevention does spare our loved ones the trauma of cancer and of its treatment and offers what every patient dreams about: not getting cancer in the first place.

At HeritX, we believe cancer can and must be prevented. But we have to think differently.